Ricciotti niet normaal!18 till 23 Aug ’20

Ricciotti niet normaal! (extraordinary!)

This summer, the Ricciotti ensemble accepted the challenge to bring symphonic music to places it normally doesn’t sound. The new ordinary? Extraordinary! Even though Ricciotti is used to performing on unusual locations and in challenging positions, we also face the issue of ‘the new ordinary’. During Ricciottis Composition Contest and Ensembles on a bike, the Ricciotti tries to find the space within the preconditions. That is truly extraordinary!

Ensembles on a bike
Normally it’s already quite a challenge to position the entire ensemble on a specific location, but with 1.5 meter distance it is truly an experiment. Because we still want to play our music everywhere and for everyone, Ricciotti is divided into groups of eleven people, so we can still play in the courtyards of social institutions. We visit the people who have already been closed off from public life for a long time. And we visit them on a bicycle!

Ricciottis Composition Contest
In Ricciottis Composition Contest we challenged composers to write a composition for an orchestra with musicians playing a meter and a half away from each other. How does an orchestra sound when the musicians have to keep this distance of 1.5 meter? Which possibilities arise with another environmental positioning of both conductor and musicians? Composers (professionals, students or amateurs) have been given the opportunity to write a composition with an environmental plan. For the contest, we tour along open air theatres throughout The Netherlands. During the finale, the winner will be chosen out of three finalists. In the open air, and with professional panel of judges led by Daan Manneke, broadcasted on a livestream.

When you want to visit one of our 'open for public' performances, we would like to ask you to read the corona-protocol of the venue you want to visit. You can find this protocol on the website of the venues website. Do you want to reserve tickets? Scroll down on this page (below the Calendar) for the specific ticketlinks. If you are unable to attend, please return your tickets to the venue because of the limited capacity. Thank you for your cooperation.

The finale of Ricciotti's Compositiewedstrijd will be live-streamed on the 23th of august via

  1. DateEvent
  2. 18 AugRicciotti niet normaal!
  3. TimePlace, locationNote
  4. 00:00Amerpoort (Ensembles op de fiets),
    → Baarn
  1. DateEvent
  2. 19 AugRicciotti niet normaal!
  3. TimePlace, locationNote
  4. 13:15Asielzoekerscentrum (Ensembles op de fiets),
    → Utrecht
  5. 15:00Geertje's Hoeve (Ensembles op de fiets),


    Thematerweg 5, Utrecht

    Open to the public
  6. 17:30Theater Lombok i.s.m. het Wilde Westen (Ensembles op de fiets),


    Makassarstraat 84, Utrecht
    Reserveren via:

  1. DateEvent
  2. 21 AugRicciotti niet normaal!
  3. TimePlace, locationNote
  4. 11:00Mentrum (Ensembles op de fiets),
    → Amsterdam
  5. 14:00Inforsa (Ensembles op de fiets),
    → Amsterdam
  6. 16:00HVO-Querido (Ensembles op de fiets),
    → Amsterdam
  7. 18:30Transgender Flag Day (Ensembles op de fiets),


    Muziekkoepel Oosterpark, Amsterdam

  1. DateEvent
  2. 22 AugRicciotti niet normaal!
  3. TimePlace, locationNote
  4. 19:00Openluchttheater de Pinkenberg (Try-out Ricciotti's Compositiewedstrijd),


    Kluizenaarsweg 4, Rozendaal

  1. DateEvent
  2. 23 AugRicciotti niet normaal!
  3. TimePlace, locationNote
  4. 14:30Openluchttheater Hertme (Finale Ricciotti's Compositiewedstrijd),


    Hertmerweg 31, Hertme

  5. 14:30Ricciotti Ensemble (Finale Ricciotti's Compositiewedstrijd),



    Open to the public
All performances are free and accessible without a reservation, unless stated otherwise.

Performance for a private audience, in exceptional circumstances accessible via the tourmanager.

Open to the public

Free and for everyone



Ich bin in der Welt abhanden gekommen Gustav Mahler
Polowedzer dansen Alexander Borodin
Douze dame jolie Guillaume de Machaut
Roemeense dansen Bela Bartok
Living in a ghost town The Rolling Stones
La Solitudine Laura Pausini
Happy together The turtles
California dreaming The Mamas & the Papas
Een eigen huis René Froger
Vrijheid Liesbeth List
Clap Trap Geert Rubingh

Finalist Ricciotti's Compositiewedstrijd 1
Finalist Ricciotti's Compositiewedstrijd 2
Finalist Ricciotti's Compositiewedstrijd 3
Rusland en Ludmilla ouverture Mikhail Glinka
Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken René Froger
Things ain't what they used to be Mercer Ellington
Roemeense dansen Béla Bartók
De Gepikte Vogel Jurriaan Andriessen

  1. Fluit
  2. Iara de Carvalho Perillo

    Rivka van Vliet

  1. Hobo
  2. Maud Busschers

  1. Klarinet
  2. Alberto Garcia Villoria

    Oriol Mares

  1. Fagot
  2. Noortje van Doorn

    Sander Borst

  1. Saxofoon
  2. Fleur Peereboom

    Mathilde van der Meij

  1. Hoorn
  2. Sophie Caelers

    Lindy Karreman

  1. Trompet
  2. Matthijs Weskin

    Julia Koenen

  1. Trombone
  2. Huub de Jong

  1. Percussie
  2. Tim Breel

  1. Viool 1
  2. Stijn Brinkman


    Iris Kooreman

    Mart Koek

    Sander Prins

    Serena Vanheuverswijn

    Maxje de Wit

    Nina Zuure

    Leonoor van de Merwe

    Petra van Besouw

  1. Viool 2
  2. Linde van de Ven


    Renette Kwakkenbos

    Mijnke van der Drift

    Seringe Huisman

    Douwe Nauta

    Lotte Post

    Annelotte Beutler

  1. Altviool
  2. Ida Weidner


    Georgios Andreadis


    Hugo Bouma

    Hester Kronenberg

    Ruth Bosboom

  1. Cello
  2. Thomas Zonderop


    Maria Dijkgraaf

    Dieuwke Smit Sibinga

    Charlotte Brussee

  1. Double bass /
    bass guitar
  2. Orrin van Leeuwen


    Loïse Campagna

    Judith Capelle


Het Ricciotti wordt meerjarig ondersteund door het Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst en Fonds 1999.