The Orchestra

The Ricciotti ensemble consists of 43 young enthusiastic musicians and plays symphonic music everywhere and for everyone. Since it was founded in 1970, Ricciotti has been playing for people who, for whatever reason, hardly ever come into contact with live symphonic music.

WildOp! on the Museumsquare during the Scottish Fling tour, 21 July 2017.

© Jan Willem Steenmeijer

The Ricciotti looks upon music as a means to make people happy and more connected. As each person has a right to happiness, each person also has a right to music.
Symphonic music however tends to exist in a set frame: it is reserved for a limited group of people on a limited number of locations. The Ricciotti strives to step out of this frame: symphonic music should be heard everywhere and each and every one should be able to get acquainted with it.

“Abraço Brazil” Tour, 2016

© Noortje Schmit

It is not only in their locations and audiences that the Ricciotti challenges the set norms: also artistically it likes to differ. It is never a one sided experience from orchestra to audience. The Ricciotti strives to interact with the audience. Without interaction, the musical experience would not be complete. To achieve this interaction, first the audience should feel comfortable and willing to open up to it. Secondly the musicians would need to feel free in their presentation. Only when this has been achieved does the Ricciotti consider its performance a success.

Sint Jansplein, Antwerp, 2009

© Noortje Schmit

Being this flexible in organisation as well as artistically makes the orchestra unique. The musicians don’t need a stage; a free space of six by eight meters will do. This is why they can play almost everywhere and for everyone. Getting off the bus and being ready to play takes no longer than 2 minutes and it’s this speed that enables them to perform several times a day. The Ricciotti meets its audiences in their own environment, where they live, work and relax. Nobody needs to pay to attend a Ricciotti concert.

Ricciotti conducted by Princess Máxima, Townhall of Rotterdam, 2012

© Noortje Schmit
Fenna Dekker
Managing director

Fenna Dekker (1987) deals with Ricciotti's business policy, strategy, diversity and inclusion policy, (multi-) year plans and activities, funds and sponsoring and of course the tours.

Besides working as interim project manager (strategy and implementation), she worked for several cultural and social organisations. She also works as a (neighbourhood) mediator.

Fenna plays the saxophone, does kickboxing and loves to cook and picknick!

You can reach Fenna at

Coen Stuit
Artistic director and conductor

Coen Stuit (1981) is the artistic director and conductor of the Ricciotti since December 2018. In addition to his work for and with our orchestra, he is the conductor of various symphony orchestras, including the Viotta Youth Orchestra and several amateur orchestras in Noord-Holland.
With a background as a clarinettist in the major professional orchestras of the Netherlands, Coen knows the symphonic world like no other. He is also a walking encyclopedia in the field of music and literature. Quite handy if you want to program 500 years of music history at the Ricciotti!

In his spare time - scarce with 7 orchestras a week - Coen renovates his house, goes to the gym and devours 2 books a week. You can reach Coen at

Geert Rubingh
Assistent artistic affairs

Geert Rubingh ( 1978) has been a familiar face for many years in the Ricciotti. Geert knows everyone and everyone knows Geert. He deals with all things concerning repertoire, scores, the ensemble committee, performing rights, arrangements (he also arranges himself) and all the logistics concerning a tour. Need anything? Geert has the solution.

You can reach Geert at

Remco Menting
Business assistant

Remco Menting (1987) is business assistant for the Ricciotti since June 2022. Before this function he worked at the Ricciotti as interim managing director business for five months. Remco is also a drummer and composer, and teaches music lessons in drumming, leading a percussion group, music theory and solfège.

He studied both jazz drums at the conservatory and math at university. His job with the Ricciotti enables him to combine both!

In his time off Remco likes to go to concerts and theater and he loves to cook.

You can reach Remco at

Catherine Cameron
Marketing and Communication

Catherine Cameron (1984) deals with all the marketing and communication regarding the Ricciotti: making promotionplans, keeping the website and social media up-to-date, preparing promotional material, publications etc.

She studied Musicology in Utrecht and played the violin in the USConcert and Pulcinella Orchestra. For more than 7 years she was a musicpromotor at major record company Universal Music and also worked for Aslan Muziekcentrum. Every week she teaches yin yoga to boxers in Amsterdam.

In her spare time Catherine can be found on a boat on the canals of Amsterdam or on her yogamat.

You can reach Catherine at

Julia Koenen

Julia Koenen (1997) has been Ricciotti's tourmanager since the fall of 2021. Before she was Ricciotti's intern for Production & Diversity, and she played the trumpet in the Ricciotti from 2017 to 2021. She started her music studies at the conservatory of Maastricht where she studied both classical and jazz trumpet. Now she is busy finishing up her bachelor study Music Management.

Being surrounded by music whole day she started PARRA.DICE: a band where musicians and artists bring different music styles and backgrounds together.

You can reach Julia at

Didi de Pooter
Employee supporters and communication

Didi (1984) has been taking care of the Groupie-admin since October 2021. She will also do some other tasks, like writing for the magazine. Didi studied Musicology in Utrecht, with a minor in journalism. She's a sucker for text and languages. Her other jobs include writing reviews and interviews for several magazines, and editing for companies like Huismuziek.

In her time off Didi would love to drink oat cappuccino and eat cake in a cozy 'koffietentje', but in reality she usually does the baking and coffee making at home while navigating a bike full of kids through the grasslands north of Amsterdam.

You can reach Didi at

Maxje de Wit
Production employee

Maxje (1992) has been Ricciotti's orchestra manager since the fall of 2021. She has been playing the violin within the orchestra since March 2013 and has never ever missed a tour from then on. Besides playing the violin, Maxje was also very active with other activities within the orchestra. For example announcing programs, making the tour booklet with Fokusnik Productions, the EnCie and an internship during the summer of 2018. She also played in other orchestras among which JON and Sweelinck. Maxje studied classical violin at Codarts and teaches English at a secondary school in Amsterdam.

In her spare time she likes to read, watch movies, cook or do some and gardening on her balcony.

You can reach Maxje at

de Wilde

Researcher and lecturer at De strafzaak and substitute judge in the District Court of North Holland

Relevant additional positions: member of the supervisory board of the What About Now Foundation and member of the Examination Board of the Nederlandse Orde van advocaten

September 13 2018, seccond term, eligible for re-election as of September 13 2022

van de Ven

Head of Finances and Production at the Nederlandse Bachvereniging

Appointed on September 13 2021, first term, eligible for re-election September 13 2023.

Member / Secretary a.i.

Founder/ senior advisor Blueyard

Appointed on June 1 2021, first term and eligible for re-election as of June 1 2023

    We are assisted by a number of enthusiastic volunteers in the preparation of a tour or special events, such as our jubilee. When we are looking for new volunteers, we will make it known via the website! For our anniversary in 2021 we have volunteers Frans Boom en Babette Greiner working on our jubilee photoarchive.
    Funds & Sponsors

    Het Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie and Het Amsterdams Fonds voor de kunsten are the main sponsors for the Ricciotti. Together they cover almost half of the Ricciotti income. The other half is up to the orchestra itself. It applies for grants, members pay a small contribution to take part in a tour, they pass the hat around in the streets etc. They also barter. In exchange for a performance they sometimes ask for a place to sleep or rehearse, or for meals for the whole group. This bartering is both necessary and fun. Together they create a classical win-win.

    The following funds have also made our tours in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 possible:
    Fonds 1819, Fonds voor de Geld -en effectenhandel, Fonds Podiumkunsten K.F.Hein Fonds, DutchCulture, Janivo Stichting, Kattendijke/Drucker Stichting, Triodos Foundation, Stichting Norma, Stichting Dioraphte, Stichting Norma, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, and of course all our Groupies and Friends.

    Fonds voor CultuurparticipatieAmsterdams Fonds voor de KunstStichting NormaJanivo StichtingStichting DioraphteAcer Benelux B.V.VSB fondsPrins Bernhard CultuurfondsTriodos FoundationK.F. Hein fondsHofstee StichtingGolden Life FoundationDutchCultureGemeente AmsterdamPerforming Arts Funds NL
    Our tours and other activities are also made possible by our loyal private donors:

    Our Groupies, Mecenas and Friends

    Al the performances of the Ricciotti have always been free of admission and we’d like to keep it that way. Only then can everyone enjoy their performances. As an individual it’s also possible to support the Ricciotti, either structural or for one time only. Go to our "Support us" page to read more about this option.

    Is your company interested in supporting the Ricciotti financially? Please contact us via

    • Second violin
    • Linde van de Ven
    • Annelotte Beutler
    • Seringe Huisman
    • Renette Kwakkenbos
    • Nika Mombaerts
    • Wies Pijnenburg
    • French horn
    • Sophie Caelers
    • Trumpet
    • Tessa van Genderen
    • Percussion
    • Marc Sentenie
      The board of the Stichting Ricciotti ensemble checks yearly whether the organisation meets the recent version of the Governance Code Cultuur (GCC). The board formed answers and clarification on all nine subjects of the GCC. The board reports contain a detailed description of how the Stichting gives substance to the code. The most recent board report can be downloaded on this website (only in Dutch). Stichting Ricciotti ensemble, februari 2018

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      Web developer

      Bram van den Berg

      Content & editing

      Fenna Dekker
      Catherine Cameron

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