Ricciottiando en Cuba - the movie
Ricciottiando en Cuba - the movie

The Ricciotti ensemble on tour in Cuba

In the fall of 2018, the Ricciotti ensemble was the first Dutch orchestra to tour Cuba to play 25 performances according to the motto: "live symphonic music, everywhere and for everyone".

Cameraman / editor Peter Bouwmans and TV maker Bas Westerweel beautifully portrayed the Cuban summer tour in the Netherlands and the autumn tour in Cuba.

During the 7 days in Cuba, the orchestra, led by Leonard Evers, gave 25 performances in the streets of Havana, Artemisa and Matanzas. Because the Ricciotti ensemble is an orchestra with a social mission, we not only performed in the streets and in the parks, but we also played a lot in schools, in social institutions, hospitals and cultural organizations. It was a very special adventure, full of wonderful musical encounters and cultural exchanges.

Special guest Ramón Valle
Special guest on this tour was the Cuba-born jazz pianist Ramón Valle, who currently lives in the Netherlands. The Ricciotti performed many of his own compositions, including Ricciottón, Johanna, Levitando and Cinco Hermanas.
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Ricciottiando and Cuba
Commissioned by Stichting Ricciotti ensemble
In collaboration with Knyfe Ealdormann
Camera and editing: Peter Bouwmans
Concept and story:
Bas Westerweel, Peter Bouwmans, Leonard Evers, Alexander Buskermolen

Thanks to all orchestra members:
Cátia Domingos, Floortje de la Fosse, Maud Busschers, Anse Kuyl, Dorus van den Boomen, Michelle van der Wal, Sander Borst, Pedro Goncalves, Adrián Vilaboa Martinez, Raf Cornelis, Jochem van Hoogdalem, Lindy Karreman, Abriel Feirrera, Julia Koenen, Hugo Santos, Agata Kruszewska, Reinaldo Ponce Alvarez, Stijn Brinkman, Mart Koek, Maxje de Wit, Nina Zuure, Leonoor van de Merwe, Saskia Peters, Sofie van der Pol, Linde van de Ven, Seringe Huisman, Chantal van den Engel, Cuun Koek, Douwe Nauta, Lotte Post, Rosa Verkerke, Annemarie Hensens, Hugo Bouma, Annelies Rijk, Hester Kronenberg, Marcos del Risco Pupo, Jan van der Plas, Dieuwke Smit Sibinga, Eva Schierbeek, Fransien Woltjer, Orrin van Leeuwen, Benjamin de Boer and Elroy Snoeren.
And tour managers: Rosa de Bruin and Mariana Hutchinson.

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