Ricciotti's Regenboogtour is coming your way!

Yeah... finally: Ricciottis Rainbow Tour is coming your way! Starting Thursday 5 May till Tuesday 10 May we will go on tour through the whole of the Netherlands to play all the colours of the rainbow with our splashing solist Rikkert van Huisstede. In the Rainbow Tour the Ricciotti celebrates diversity in gender and sexuality. Nobody fits stereotypical categories perfectly, and that is how we like it! To be able to be who you are is extremely important. These social themes are of all times. The proof lies in the music, in which these subjects have been addressed for ages. Together with our soloist, life artist Rikkert van Huisstede - who confrontational but lovingly breaks apart the stereotypical boxes society created - we invite you to a journey of discovery. You are very welcome to this colourful tour! More info on this tour you can read here.

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