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Lotte Post
My name is Lotte, 24 years old and have been playing the violin since I was 11 years old. After playing the violin for a year at the age of seven, I quit because I didn't like practicing. But I am so glad that I started again later, because I cannot imagine a life without my violin. I have now also played in many orchestras and projects!

But I am so happy that since April 2018 I also play in the Ricciotti. It is very nice to play new music styles and to give concerts in a different way. But above all it is very special to experience how happy the people are with the music we bring to them! The most special moment was when we played for children in a hospital in Cuba. A little boy of about 10 years ago strummed my violin. I don't speak Spanish so I couldn't speak to him, but it was very special to experience this and to see how happy the music made him!