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Douwe Nauta
My name is Douwe Nauta. I studied music education at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. For my degree, and especially because I simply enjoy it myself, I play several different instruments, but (jazz) violin is, and always will be, my favourite. I started violin lessons at 5 years of age with Irene de Boer, and in the mean time I received classical lessons from Emma Breedveld at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with much pleasure, and have been able to learn enormous amounts about jazz violin with Jeffrey Bruinsma and Julia Philippens. From my first lesson with Irene, I actually already knew that performing was, or would be, my greatest passion. Giving workshops, teaching, or standing at front of a classroom is also great, but put me in front of an audience with an instrument in my hands, and I feel completely at home.

What I love so much about Ricciotti, is that, firstly, everyone seems to share that feeling, and secondly, we perform amazingly often. We give approximately 100 performances per year, I believe, in the most challenging locations, where your musicianship, but also your stage presence, are put to the test. There is nothing better than the Ricciotti ensemble for a ‘performance beast’ like me!