Viool 1
Vivian de Graaff
My name is Vivian de Graaf, 20 (almost 21). I've been playing the violin since I was 6 and in the course of the years I've been studying in my conservatory study, where I'm currently studying with Ilona Sie Dhian Ho in The Hague. In addition, I also study psychology, which is a nice combination.
When I was allowed to choose an instrument when I was 6 years old, I hesitated between the violin and the flute. My grandfather was a violinist, so I chose violin because I already had a teacher. I thought that when I would change my mind, I could always switch later. Of course that moment never came;). The great thing about Ricciotti is that you go back to the essence of music. Good technique and playing in tune is of course important, but the danger lies in focussing to much on those aspects and forget why we actually are making music: to convey a message and to give meaning to the notes. The Ricciotti brings this goal back up again, which you can use in your individual study. I ask myself: how would I play this if I was playing for a Ricciotti audience? The essence then comes up again. That is very inspiring!