Julia Koenen
I’m called Julia Koenen and was born in 1997. I’ve lived in Nieuw-Bergen in northern Limburg for the greater part of my life. I studied classical trumpet at the conservatory in Maastricht, under the tutelage of maestro Benny Wiame. I started music early on already when the pots and pans were pulled out of the kitchen cupboard, with spoon in hand and my parents with their fingers plugging their ears. After that I played bugle for a year, but when the ambition to study at the conservatory started to play a role, I also studied the trumpet alongside.

My plans are to also study light music and arranging after the degree in classical music. In preparation for this, I have lessons with Rob Bruynen, tutor at the jazz department at the Conservatory of Maastricht, and with Nando Westrienen. Nando was also the person who told me about Ricciotti. “This is definitely something for you!” During my first tour with the Ricciotti ensemble, “Tournee Dansante” in the spring of 2017, this was confirmed. Wow! The diversity of styles we play draws me very much, aaaaand, how I love all the lovely risotto’s! I mainly write arrangements for wind instruments with a band now, but I hope in the future to also be able to write one for Ricciotti!