Ovidi Garasa
My name is Ovidi Martí Garasa, I was born in 1996 in La Vall d’Uixó, Spain. I started playing classical saxophone when I was 8 in the Ateneu Musical Schola Cantorum, one of the three wind bands of my village. The reason why I started learning the saxophone was just because some friends of mine where already there and they were having a great time, so I joined them.

Playing in a wind band is a tradition for all Valencian musicians, so I can´t imagine my first years as a musician without it. There I learned all my technique, how to play together with other instruments and the most important thing, to enjoy playing music.
When I arrived to Amsterdam and I heard about Ricciotti it reminded me to what I was used to do with my wind band and to have fun while playing, I watched some videos and I decided that I would like to be part of it, and here I am! I’m really looking forward to start the next tour and have fun!

See you! Ovidi