Mathilde van der Meij
After a great tour to Scotland (summer 2017), I can’t and don’t want to think away Ricciotti from my life anymore. From the first day Ricciotti felt like a hot bath; involved, sociable and open. It was moving to see how we, with this orchestra, brought about such sincere reactions. This is when you really realize the true essence of music!
My name is Mathilde and after a strong doubt between conservatory classical saxophone and University College Utrecht, I chose the latter, where I now mainly study politics and art history. Although I do not study music, it plays a huge role in my life and a second bachelor in saxophone is still an option. Moreover, the combination of art history and music seems very interesting to me. Summer course Woudschoten, the NJFO, harmony Aurora, but also light music in bands have played different roles in my musical development; now it's Ricciotti's turn! Besides playing the saxophone, I also play the piano and I sing all day.
I am glad that Ricciotti offers a good balance between conviviality, good music and a different repertoire, but above all that Ricciotti knows how to reach a diverse audience under all circumstances. Whether it is the eyes of a grandfather, a child, a detainee or a more appropriate passerby, all eyes shine.