Lindy Karreman
Hi! I’m Lindy and I’ve been with the Ricciotti since 2012. As a child of 8, I saw the french horn, and was determined to have that big horn. I’ve never regretted it. In 2015 I received my Bachelor French Horn, and Wind and Brass Band Conducting in Amsterdam, and in 2017 my Master French Horn in Antwerp. The french horn is the most fantastic instrument because it’s so versatile. It sounds beautiful with strings, mixes wonderfully with woodwind but can also blast along with the brass. And let’s be honest: without the horn most movies would have boring music….

This photo was taken by Frans Boom during our anthem: “De Gepikte Vogel” by Jurriaan Andriessen. In this piece the horns and clarinets hold a competition to see who can find the craziest spot to play.

I get to play in really special locations with Ricciotti. Also in places where nobody should ever have to be, such as a women’s shelter. The people for whom we make music have often been through a lot and often struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With Ricciotti, we help them, even for just a moment, to escape that tunnel.
Fotograaf: Frans Boom