Peter Davis (av)

I am Peter, I'm 24, and I started life as a cellist, but while studying in Scotland I became a composer and ended up studying for a master's in composition with James Weeks and Julian Anderson at Guildhall, where I wrote all sorts of music for everything from singing violas to pantomime camels.

Almost a year ago I got picked up by Street Orchestra Live for their Summer tour, with absolutely no idea of what I had just got myself into - after our very first performance, it immediately became probably one of my best musical experiences so far! Since then I've been running around with SOL and Nevis Ensemble, and now I'm incredibly excited that I get to join Ricciotti for this tour - I believe that orchestras have an incredible amount of emotional power, and I love being able to unleash that power in all of the places where orchestras don't usually is a wonderfully special thing to be able to do!