Ida Weidner
Hello, my name is Ida Weidner. I live in Amsterdam with my parents and brother. Everyone in my family makes music, and that's how I started playing the violin when I was six, just like my mother. Secretly I was a bit jealous of my father's cello's low c string. That is why, at the age of 15, I chose the middle way: viola.
In October 2018 I was asked if I wanted to play as a substitute for the second part of the Ricciotti summer tour. I decided to go on the adventure, and a month later I was in Cuba. The tour was so impressive, the Cuban claves are still ticking my head.

The way Ricciotti plays reminds me of a gypsy orchestra. Everyone listens to each other and plays with pleasure. Ricciotti conveys this playing pleasure to the audience, creating an atmosphere that makes every performance special.
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