The Ricciotti ensemble consists of 42 young enthusiastic professional and amateur musicians and plays symphonic music everywhere and for everyone. Since it was founded in 1970, Ricciotti has been playing for people who, for whatever reason, hardly ever come into contact with live symphonic music. During the three tours a year, the orchestra performs on the street, in the asylum seekers' center, care and nursing homes and in prison, as well as abroad.
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Ricciottiando en Cuba - the movie

The Ricciotti ensemble on tour in Cuba

In the fall of 2018, the Ricciotti ensemble was the first Dutch orchestra to tour Cuba to play 25 performances according to the motto: "live symphonic music, everywhere and for everyone".

Cameraman / editor Peter Bouwmans and TV maker Bas Westerweel beautifully portrayed the Cuban summer tour in the Netherlands and the autumn tour in Cuba.

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It's almost time for Ricciotti's Kartuli Turi!

From July 27 to August 9 it is time for 'Ricciotti’s Kartuli Turi' (a.k.a. Ricciotti’s Georgian tour)! Together with the great clarinettist Levan Tskhadadze we will tour the Netherlands and Georgia for two weeks. From Dutch nursing homes to the Georgian Caucasus, we play folk music, classical Georgian works, Katie Melua (born in Georgia), but also Beethoven, Handel and many more. We hope to see you during one of our performances!

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©Wout Nooitgedagt/Jeroen Leonhard
Alexander Buskermolen will depart as general director with Ricciotti ensemble

Alexander Buskermolen, as of May 2016 General Director of the Ricciotti ensemble, has announced his departure from the Ricciotti. He’ll leave the organisation on May 14th 2019 to start a new position, as General Director of the Prinses Christina Concours in The Hague.

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Looking back on Ricciottiando en Cuba

As the first Dutch symphony orchestra we went on tour to Cuba. What a special adventure, full of wonderful musical encounters and cultural exchanges. We really enjoyed playing the beautiful Cuban repertoire of all times and styles. We played for the Cubans, but also with the Cubans. Cuba, thank you for your hospitality! Check the photo's and video's on the tourneepage and enjoy!

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©Wout Nooitgedagt
Mini-series Ricciottiando en Cuba

The Ricciotti will be filmed during Ricciottiando en Cuba, both in the summer and autumn by TV-maker Bas Westerweel and cameraman / editor Peter Bouwmans. The series main focus is the unique mission and working method of the Ricciotti and the double tour 'Ricciottiando and Cuba'. With this series of videos you'll be able to get to know the musicians, key players and you'll see great "behind the scenes" footage.

See all the episodes on our website, Facebook en Instagram @RicciottiEnsemble and Twitter @Ricciottitweets.

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Streetsymphony orchestra Ricciotti ensemble is meant for everyone and brings music where and whenever possible. We think being able to listen to live symphonic music should be possible for everybody because we know what music can bring about. Music connects, makes you free, makes you move, think and feel. Music achieves beautiful things in a society and it is in the DNA of this orchestra to pro-actively perform the most beautiful and varied repertoire in places where people live, work and relax.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is a brand new project that will map the enduring power of the Ricciotti and offers advantages for those ex-members that still propagate the Ricciotti philosophy. To start it off, the following people/ couples/groups will share with you where they are now and what they still practice from their experiences with the Ricciotti.

 Hall of Fame

Het Ricciotti ensemble is een orkest bestaande uit 42 jonge musici. Het heeft zich ten doel gesteld om symfonische muziek van kwaliteit te brengen op plaatsen waar deze normaliter niet klinkt.

©Sarah Wijzenbeek

In almost 50 years of Ricciotti ensemble we've collected a vast amount of pictures and video's. On this page we'll show you the highlights per decennium in order to let you relive our orchestral tours. Additionally you can watch some of the documentaries or the video series that's been made regarding our tours to special foreign destinations. Relive Ricciotti here.

Het Ricciotti ensemble in 1970 met ons motto uit die tijd (en nog altijd actueel)

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Support us

The help of others is essential for the Ricciotti to execute its mission. Our principal that every performance should be free of charge, means that the money for three tours a year needs to come from elsewhere. Fortunately, for many years now, the Ricciotti can count on many small and some major financial partners. The Fonds voor de cultuurparticipatie and het Amsterdams Fonds voor de kunsten have been recognizing the importance of the Ricciotti for our society for many years now and have promised to continue their financial support for the next few years.

The Ricciotti today is full of ambition and in order to be able to execute all our plans, we are continually looking for more partners, big or small. Read here about our plans and what we could mean to one another.

Het Ricciotti ensemble in de Groene Engel te Oss, oktober 2015.

Hans Kreutzer

Has our mission raked your fire and would you like to contribute with your talents to this bigger picture? Are you aware of the opportunities the Ricciotti offers you to grow as a musician and a person? Then apply for the upcoming auditions. On this page you will find more information about our next auditions, the audition process, vacancies, what you may expect of the Ricciotti and what we ask of you.


Click here for contacting the orchestra. The office is open 5 days a week and questions by email will be answered within a few days Do you have suggestions for the orchestra and its organization? Tell us about it. New ideas are always welcome.