Viool 2
Ludo de Goeje
I am Ludo de Goeje (23), and I contribute to the violin section of the Ricciotti ensemble. I can’t imagine my life without music. I play violin and piano and have been active in diverse musical groups since a young age. Since high school, I’ve been busy with jazz, pop, and electric violin, next to classical music. Through having my own band, jam sessions, and musical friends I learned to improvise and solo. I played in Krashna Musika, the Nederlands Studenten Jazz Orkest (CM), and the Nederlands Studenten Orkest this year, and with Jams with Benefits, Kingfisher Sky, and als pianist for the pop choir New Sound. This coming year I will represent the Nederlands Studenten Orkest as secretary. In my spare time I study Industrial Design at the TU Delft, and I like to ride my bike. I think the Ricciotti ensemble is fantastic because it builds bridges, not just between different styles, but also between people and music, and person to person.
Beeld: Veerle Bastiaanssen