Agata Krusevska
My name is Agata Kruszewska and I’m a 22 year old percussionist and a drummer. I come from Poland, where I graduated my bachelor (with one term spent on Erasmus programme in the Netherlands) and now I study the NAIP masters programme in Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. I have played percussion since I was 7 because in music school they didn’t accept me on the guitar. Also, apparently I had held an intense hatred towards pans and pots in home and beat them on daily basis when I was a child. I found out about the Ricciotti audition in Amsterdam thanks to my Erasmus teacher from Groningen. That were the best spent € 7,- on a group train ticket ever. The thing I like the most about Ricciotti is gezellig. I mean it sure is wonderful to play for those in need and make someone’s day better, don’t get me wrong here, but it’s so much more amazing when you’re having fun, making friends, participating in a constant party and living in a big love bubble in between. Strongly recommend it :D