Sophie Ehling
My name is Sophie Ehling and I am 24 years old. After a year of struggling with the violin, I moved on to the cello at the age of five. The warm sound and the fact that the cello is played sitting down fit me and my dreamy self perfectly! I always felt at home in orchestras and chamber music groups. I played with Studentenorkest Bragi in my birth city of Groningen, and later also with the Sweelinckorkest Amsterdam and the Nederlands Studenten Orkest. The search for a study that fit me lead me to the Artez Conservatorium Zwolle, and two years later to Codarts Rotterdam, where I study cello with much pleasure under Herre-Jan Stegenga.

Several summers ago, I attended a dazzling Ricciotti concert, and the past while I heard more and more people talking about the ensemble with great enthusiasm. The message asking if I’d like to audition was the push I needed to start this adventure!